Other Things We Do

Weaving mats and pillows is not all that we do here at The Mat Weavers Ministry.  We also purchase and or collect from the community, tents, mylar blankets, hats, gloves, underwear, socks, coats and toiletries.

A few days ago, a lady named Dorothy Parks hand crocheted all these hats and gave them to me for the homeless.  I live in a VERY creative and supportive community.  People are doing things like this all the time around here.

One response to “Other Things We Do

  1. Do you have a pattern for making a loom to weave plarn mats on? We make plarn and plarn mattersses at our church here In Des Moines, IA. One person in our group knits mattresses while others of us crochet them. I think it might be faster to weave mats than to crochet or knit them. (And, brother! Do we have the stash of plarn ready to be made into mats sitting at our church, to say nothing of the bags we turn into plarn. A group of us get together every Monday to make plarn. We make the mats in our spare time at home.) We have an organization here in Des Moines called Joppa. Among other things, joppe has a food pantry and a clothes closet for those in need. They also hand out plarn mattresses, Coleman tanterns, and other things. There is a group here in Des Mones called UBFM. Every Thursday evening a bunch of us get together at Capital Hill Lutheran Church and make burrittos, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and turkey and cheese sandwiches. We ride out on our bkies and distribute the food and other items that have been donated (along with plarn mats). When the temperature is below 42 degrees F we go out on bikes. Ii I can find a pattern for a loom to make plarn mats I might be able to get more mats made faster.

    Bless you in your ministry.


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