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The First Tents Go Out

I got a call on December 4. 2 Veterans were in Defiance, Ohio sleeping in the woods. I was asked if I could do anything to help. I gave them 2 mat, pillow and tent sets. While what we do here at The Mat Weavers Ministry is NOT a solution, it is an INTERVENTION. I’m very happy that I am able to do this.

Below is Mike Knox, he works for the Veterans Administration in Defiance, Ohio. He came and picked up the sets.

I’m a small, ministry still in its beginning stages. There is no way I can keep up with all the demand for my mats. Perhaps as I get looms made and weavers trained, I will be able to do more, but for now all I can do is try to help 1 person at a time.

2 Man Tents – Shelter For The Homeless

When I began weaving mats 4 years ago, it was my dream to get to the point where I can supply TENTS to go with our mats and pillows. This month, that dream became a reality.

100% of all our donations go right back into helping the homeless. Recently, I got a $150 donation from some friends of mine Bill & Deb. I used that money to buy 7 tents @ $20 each plus shipping. They arrived a few days ago.

1 Brand new 2 person tent can now go out with each mat I make. Furthermore, I have made the decision to purchase 4 tents each month out of my OWN MONEY. More tents will be purchased as I get donations.