How To Cut Bags


One of the most important parts in the process of making the sleeping mats is preparing the bags to be use. Before a bag can be woven or crocheted into a sleeping mat the bottom seam and the handles must first be cut off.

It takes between 500 – 600+ bags to make one mat. Cutting the bags into loops is one less step for the weavers/ crocheters to do. This step allow them to use their time to make mats . . . instead of processing bags.

Difficulty Level: Easy
Materials Needed:
Cutting Apparatus (Scissors, Rotary cutter & Cutting Mat, Guillotine Cutter) 
Lots of Plastic Bags

Step 1 : Make sure all bags are uncrumpled, turned right side out, and flattened.

Step 2: Cut off handles and bottom seam

Step 3: Repeat until all bags are done.

Two people can make quick work of a lot of bags if one person is making sure the bags are uncrumpled, flattening and stacking bags and the other is cutting.

More than one bag can be cut a time. Just be sure to line up the bottom seams and handles to ensure that all the bags are cut cleanly across.

Some of the weavers and crocheters like to get creative an weave patterns and designs. Sorting the bags by color is a helpful bonus but not expected.

If you don’t feel like cutting there are people who are willing to help cut your clean (no sticky, liquid, or meat juice) bags. 

Contact us and we will let you know when and where you can drop off your uncut bags.

Below is a short video to help make things clearer